Soft and Hard Failure Codes

If there's a problem with an intended email address, the mailbox provider sends Blackbaud a code combination of numbers and text to indicate a soft or hard failure. We organize these codes into failure reason categories to help you understand and correct the problem.

Note: Depending on the Blackbaud application you use — such as Blackbaud Internet Solutions or Blackbaud NetCommunity — failure information is available in reports. For information about how to view this data, refer to the application's user documentation. If failure information isn't available in your application's reports, contact Support for assistance with issues related to specific mailings or email addresses.

  • Soft failure categories — Include failure codes which aren't permanent, such as such as mailbox full, inactive account, or network error

  • Hard failure categories — Include failure codes which are permanent, such as unknown user, address error, or closed account