Email Delivery and Deliverability

As email is an increasingly vital means of communication, the volume of messages email service providers (ESPs) — such as Blackbaud — send to mailbox providers — such as Gmail or Yahoo! — is higher than ever. To help reduce the number of unwanted emails — sometimes referred to as SPAM — their users receive, mailbox providers use a combination of processes to evaluate messages.

Specifically, they consider the:

  • ESP's sending practices and reputation to determine whether to accept the delivery of a message.

  • Sender's content to determine the deliverability of the message. Deliverability refers to how a mailbox provider determines where to place a message, such as in the recipient's inbox or SPAM folder.

To determine deliverability, mailbox providers consider the:

  • Recipient's previous engagement with the sender's messages, such as whether they opened them or clicked links

  • Email's design and composition

  • Reputation of the sender's domain