Blackbaud's Role in Email Delivery

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As an email service provider (ESP), Blackbaud's sending system is robust and scales well for clients both large and small. Since our system can send large numbers of messages simultaneously, we conform to standards for high-volume senders to ensure email delivery.

When you send an email, your application — such as Luminate Online or Blackbaud NetCommunity — sends information and email content via web services to Blackbaud's servers.

To process messages, our servers:

  • Validate email formats

  • Remove addresses that meet suppression criteria

  • Merge the remaining recipients' information and other merge fields with content

The servers then use Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) software to transfer the processed messages from multiple shared Internet protocol (IP) addresses to mailbox providers. These servers can send millions of email messages per hour on even the heaviest of email volume days — such as Giving Tuesday and End of Year — and include configurations to automatically respond to the various tools and algorithms mailbox providers use to track and block senders who don't follow industry best practices.

We use this system in combination with a dedicated team of email specialists to help ensure your messages reach their intended recipients.