Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

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The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) protocol is an authentication method that enables receiving mail systems to verify the mail servers that are authorized to send email on behalf of a domain.
When a mailbox provider uses SPF authentication, they compare the server that appears in the message header — also known as the long or internet header — to the sending servers that are listed in the Domain Name System (DNS) record for the “envelope from” address.

To authorize our system to send emails on your behalf, access the DNS record for your domain through your domain name registrar — such as GoDaddy, Network Solutions, or — and add one of the following to your TXT record for your SPF information.

  • Altru, BBNC, BBIS and OLX: ~all

  • Luminate Online: ~all

Note: Altru, BBNC, BBIS, and OLX — If your TXT record includes older entries such as,, or Blackbaud's IP ranges, remove them.